I'm searching for an alternative to the popular ping command. Looking to perform statistic analysis on latency data I'll retrieve somehow, but ping's output format is a) not properly documented and b) contains variable precision and I'd like to avoid introducing the associated disparity to my data. What I'm looking for is a program that

  • lets the user ping a server, returning RTT in ms in a stable, precise format (the more precise, the better, I'd like to avoid discrete bucketing of low latencies), and

  • is distributed under Linux (x86_64 Arch Linux and Debian preferably)

Thank you for your suggestions.


For one, there's fping.

The man page mentions e.g. this:

-C n Similar to -c, but the per-target statistics are displayed in a format designed for automated response-time statistics gathering. For example:

% fping -C 5 -q somehost
somehost : 91.7 37.0 29.2 - 36.8

shows the response time in milliseconds for each of the five requests, with the "-" indicating that no response was received to the fourth request.

And it takes more than one host at the same time, if you like:

$ fping -q -C 3 ns1 dns.google
ns1        : 0.37 0.19 0.31
dns.google : 25.44 25.43 25.38

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