My data file is as follow:

Mary,50,Love For All, Hatred For None.,3
John,61,I think, therefore, I am,2
June,42,You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think,1

I'd like to extract rows where children >1, to output.txt. However I can't really specify column $4 since there's commas in the column quote.

How should I approach this? I've tried awk -F, '$-1 > 1' data > output.txt, but it doesn't read $-1 like python/java.


In awk, the last field value is accessible by the $NF, second last $(NF-1), etc based on the field separator. so you need

awk -F, '$NF > 1' data

Ps, and don't forget to fix the source program that produce that invalid .csv file at first place.


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