Alright this is a problem I've been facing for months. Im not sure if this is a problem with i3 or urxvt. I can't get the clipboard to work properly. I can copy text from my browser and paste it on the terminal but NOT the other way around. For some reason hitting Ctrl-Shift-C allows me to copy text between terminals but not to my browser. I installed clipster and saw that when I copy something on Firefox it goes to the CLIPBOARD clipboard whereas when I copy something from the terminal it goes into the PRIMARY clipboard. I also tried tosynchronize them by adding the following to my xinitrc file:

autocutsel -fork -selection CLIPBOARD
autocutsel -fork -selection PRIMARY

but it didn't help, what gives? How do I fix this?

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    In urxvt try ctrl-alt-c/v. man urxvt describes other options
    – rowboat
    May 9, 2021 at 10:55

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tl;dr highlighting anything will copy, and middle clicking will paste.

This method appears to be using the Primary clipboard which works in both directions (browser <-> urxvt).

Of course this is not ideal, because you cannot highlight text and replace it by pasting, but it does work at the most basic level.

There are some details in this doc.

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