I've installed antiX Linux 19.3, and I want to change the file manager - for the first user and by default - to something other than the annoying rox (sorry, I just don't like it). So, I've installed pcmanfm, went to the Control Center pressed "Preferred application" and got a dialog with paths of .desktop file. Ok, so far so good. The file manager one is: deskto-p-defaults-follow-fm.desktop, suggesting the setting is actually taken from elsewhere.

Now, that .desktop file runs:

desktop-defaults-run -fm --follow

there's a matching desktop-defaults-set, but - if I run that one, I get the dialog I saw before. So it's as though there's a recursion without anybody choosing a file manager.

I then looked into desktop-defaults-run, and it seems to be looking for a file-manager-related .desktop file, which itself runs desktop-defaults-run -fm --follow. Unless I've mis-parsed the script (which I may have - it sources some more scripts when it starts).

What's going on?

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$ desktop-defaults-run -fm --follow

is used for launching the same file manager as whatever is handling the desktop icons (if nothing handles the desktop icons, then it defaults to rox)

Simply use the desktop-defaults-set program and change the file manager to point to a different .desktop file (in your case, /usr/share/applications/pcmanfm.desktop)

You could also use spacefm included in antiX.

  • Is there some benefit to spacefm over pcmanfm, or is it just because it's bundled with the installation?
    – einpoklum
    Commented May 8, 2021 at 10:20
  • spacefm is an old fork of pcmanfm which gives you the power to completely customize ALL of the interface, including right-click menu. If you are not into customization and know pcmanfm well, use it instead. antiX includes 3 file managers, the same as it includes 4 window managers: choice.
    – nXecure
    Commented May 8, 2021 at 10:25

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