in usual Linux , to find a file in PATH , we use which

$ which git

but in void linux , i got :


how can i get the real directory of my file in my path ?

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    How is that a problem? Is the file not in /sbin/git? May 7 at 18:24
  • the main problem that i'm install lua53, but not working , but old origin realse of lua is worked, also jdk is automaticaly install to /sbin/java, i can't manage deferent version if system hide my new app from path
    – nextloop
    May 7 at 23:15
  • check to see if the lua53 installer has an option, or config file, to specify where to find git. or, if the installer is a script, edit it. or just make a symlink ln -s /sbin/git /usr/bin/.
    – cas
    May 8 at 2:11

Different distributions put some files in different places. That's normal, just go with whatever you find in void-linux and don't worry if its in a different place than you are expecting to see it compared to another distribution . The only caveat would be if you suddenly find it in a real oddball location like /tmp or your home directory.

If its a standard utility installed by void-linux and its not in /usr/sbin, /bin (or their sub-directories) then question its authenticity and ASK about it before executing it.

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