OS : Debian latest.

Hello friends,

I am working on a small tool, where I am required to send the list of manually installed packages installed for a system as a text file. This text file is then pulled up by another agent. Currently, I am able to get the list via below mentioned command, but it does not give me the version number. Any idea how I can get the version number along with it. Thank you.


comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u) 

Kindly let me know. Thank you.


Depending on your exact use-case, zgrep may do the trick:

zgrep ... /var/log/dpkg.log* | grep installed

(Note that the three dots ... are required)


You can pipe the output to dpkg -s:

comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz  \| 
sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u) | xargs -n1 dpkg -s |grep 'Package:\|Version:'

For me it worked out with the following:

dpkg-query -l | awk '{print $2 " Version Number " $3}'
  • There is a big difference between this command and the given one in your question. Use diff to see the difference.
    – GAD3R
    May 7 '21 at 12:36

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