I'm trying to add an ip adress on a list of hosts.

when I do this directly on the host it works:

sed i- /apache$/a sshd: : allow' /etc/hosts.allow

But when I do this by script bash it writes in log.txt file:

./hostsallow.sh: line 11: sed -i /apache$/a: No such file or directory

here is the script:

set -x

for q in `cat itg4`

echo $q &>> log.txt

ssh $q -n 'sed -i '/apache$/a sshd: : allow' /etc/hosts.allow' &>> log.txt

the set -x gives on screen:

Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.

Please can you help me?

Best regards,


This solved the issue

ssh $q "sed -i '/apache$/a sshd: : allow' /etc/hosts.allow" &>> log.txt

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