I have a long list of data with 10 tab delimited columns. First two columns are the IDs. I would like to retrieve rows of selected IDs.

I started with renaming the selected IDs, so that each of them prepended with comp-. Then I tried to extract the rows with selected IDs present in both column 1 and 2.


comp-AA11232.1  GR55896.1
AB55887.1   comp-FR87559.1
comp-AC11232.1  comp-AE55888.1
comp-AC66742.1  comp-AD87559.1

Desired output:

comp-AC11232.1    comp-AE55888.1
comp-AC66742.1    comp-AD87559.1

I was using sed -n '/comp\-.*\tcomp\-.*/p' file. The output files were all those that met criteria, but unfortunately some of the rows with same criteria missed out in the output files.

Not sure what is happening here. Any idea? Or is there any better approach with grep/awk/sed in this case?

  • Your command is almost correct. Can you provide the input lines for which it was more sfiring? The only loose joint is the absence of ^ in the regex.
    – guest_7
    Commented May 5, 2021 at 9:54

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awk -F'\t' '$1 ~/^comp-/ && $2 ~/^comp-/' infile

same but pass the pattern from a parameter:

awk -F'\t' -v pat='comp-' '$1 ~"^" pat && $2 ~"^" pat' infile

or compare as string match and still pass from a parameter:

awk -F'\t' -v str='comp-' 'index($1, str)==1 && index($2, str)==1' infile

see also How do I find the text that matches a pattern? for other matching options.



perl -MList::MoreUtils=all -F'\t' -lane '
  print if all { /^comp-/ } @F[0,1];
' file

sed GNU version

$ sed -n '/^comp-.*\tcomp-/p' file

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