Why my terminal have this? When I open my terminal then it appear. How to remove it?

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    You probably have a bad export statement in a bashrc file. My guess is that it is missing an equal sign. Check ~/.bashrc and see if there is a line like export VARIABLE If that export is necessary just add in the equal sign. export VARIABLE= If it's not, comment out the line or delete it. If you don't see it in ~/.bashrc then you may have to trace back through your bashrc files in order to find the bashrc file that the bad export statement is in. – Natolio May 4 at 16:32
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    ... often it's a misplaced $ like ip= ; export $ip (in place of export ip) – steeldriver May 4 at 16:47
  • If you can't find where it's being exported, try something like grep -Fn ~/.profile ~/.*bash* /etc/bash* /etc/profile /etc/profile.d/* | grep -vE '\.bash.(history|aliases)'. That will grep the common profile files and give you the filenames and line-numbers of any which contain the IP address (excluding history and aliases files if they exist). – cas May 5 at 4:07

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