Recently Cinnamon crashed. And I can no longer:

  • Change settings of network manager
  • Mount any external disks (except by sudo mount ... on command line)
  • Shutdown (only can log out)
  • Click "unlock" on any system setting for admin options

I renamed my home folder, deleted myself, created a new user, moved my data from my backup home directory(except dotfolders and dotfiles like .config, .dmrc, .pulse, .gconf, .gnome2 ...) and re logged in. This way, I got my privileges back. After a while, Cinnamon crashed again and I have the same problem. And the following does not work:

  • Login from text terminal.
  • $ rm -rf .config/ .dbus/ .gconf/ .gnome2 .gnome2_private/ .linuxmint/ .local/ .pki/
  • reboot

And I still do not have my privileges. How are the GUI side of privileges handled and how can I get them back? Probably some configuration file is missing or has the wrong permissions.

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