I use a Linux PC at work but a MacBook at home, and the constant switch between keyboard layouts is bothersome. I would love a way to "remap" the keys of my Ubuntu computer so that they would function in the same way as my MacBook and feel "natural" to my fingers.

Basically, I would like the Left Alt key to function as a Ctrl key, the Win key as an Option key, and the Ctrl key as an Alt key. I'd also like the Caps Lock to toggle language input settings if possible.

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Well I played around with various command line tools but they're not particularly intuitive or friendly. Luckily I stumbled across a project on Github that works great and has a beautiful, simple GUI called "Key Mapper."


It's available for various Linux distros. Here's an example of swapping the Alt key so that it now behaves as the MacOS "Command" key that would be in the same spot:

Key Mapper screenshot

Very simple and intuitive.

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