What I have:

/usr/bin/find /my_directory -type f -not -empty -name '*.log' -printf '%T@ %Tc %p\n' -exec grep 'text in file' {} \;

This will show all non-empty log files in /my_directory:

1619942263.2701036230 Sun May  2 09:57:43 2021 /my_directory/abc.log
1619945861.8521817540 Sun May  2 10:57:41 2021 /my_directory/def.log

But I only want to get files with text in file - in this or a similar style.


Place -exec before -printf:

find /my_directory -type f -not -empty -name '*.log' -exec grep -q 'text in file' {} \; -printf '%T@ %Tc %p\n'

-exec evaluates to false if the command exits with a non-zero exit code, and subsequent actions are skipped.

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