If I go to a bash prompt and run the following command (to flush memcached):

echo "flush_all" | /usr/bin/nc 11211

it works and returns "OK".

If I put that same command in a one-line bash script:

`echo "flush_all" | /usr/bin/nc 11211`

I get the following output:

: command not found OK

Is it trying to process "OK" as a second command? How can I prevent this (short of redirecting to /dev/null)?


With the backticks around the commands, you're attempting to execute the output of:
echo "flush_all" | /usr/bin/nc 11211
In your case "OK"
like already mentioned in the comments just remove the backticks.

  • Wow, now I feel dumb. :) In a prior version of the script the output was being saved to a local variable, so I had the ticks. I removed the variable logic bug left the backticks. Thanks! – Jeremy Mullin Feb 14 '13 at 15:39

This: #!/bin/sh `echo bob` `echo jim`

Is identical to me doing this on the terminal:

# bob
bob: command not found
# jim
jim: command not found

Remove the backticks.

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