I noticed that this does not work:

/tomcatDirectory/bin $ startup.sh //command not found

but this does work

/tomcatDirectory $ bin/startup.sh

I am used to Windows. It seems counter-intuitive to me that I can not run a program from its working directory, only from the parent folder.

What's the bigger picture of what's happening here?


The current directory (i.e., .) is not in your path. Try with


You can check your path with

echo ${PATH}

You could add the current directory (.) to your path but this is considered a risk (especially if . is before other directories): when typing a command the shell will first try to execute it in the current directory. This will execute what is there instead of the default one.

Summarizing: just start executables in the current directory with ./ in front of them.


Because "startup.sh" doesn't really look like a path to file and you don't have . in your PATH environment variable. But still you can start it as ./startup.sh

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