Hey Stack Overflow Community I Have been Huge Fan Of Kali Linux as all the development pakage is preinstalled plus using windows you have distraction like playing games so i generally use kali for penetration testing learning and for the development as all python 3 c shell are preinstalled but i did n't like the fancy new kali arrival after 2020.1 so is there a way to get old kali iso like 2017,18,19 from the official source because of disk file from untrusted could reverse engineer to make it maleware i do know oldkali.org like ftp but i do not know it as official if it do reply


All the old Kali Linux ISOs (from kali-1.0.0 to kali-2021.1) can be found here: http://old.kali.org/kali-images/. Every iso come with the signed checksum files it will be used to check the downloaded images.


Some advice, try searching the web to see if your concern is already addressed before posting here. This site also gives a lot of helpful guidance on when and how to ask questions--as well as how and when not to. Please read it.

Here is a link to my Google search that turned up multiple answers and even the official Kali (old) archives: Google Search: kali linux download official old

Specifically, old.kali.org is documented by Kali (see their README.md file) as the official root mirror to download older images, and I can see images on their site as old as 1.0 (from 2014).

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