If i try to type a capital letter with accent (e.g. Ř) in kde-konsole, I get the following result: ˇR - the letter and the accent as two characters. The normal behaviour is that after pressing ˇ character, it is not output immediately but another character is expected. In the konsole tho, the character is output immediately. In other applications, it works fine. I am using gnome and in it the kde-console application. Any directions how to solve this?


First check your font (Right click, Edit current profile),

Then check your encodings, i.e $LANG $LANGUAGE $LC_ALL see if it's right,

Also check the encoding in Konsole profile (Advanced tab)

Does it happen to other KDE app like kate, kwrite?

  • Font should ok be as I can copy the character in the console - just can't type it. By default I use en_US.utf8 locale but switching to mine does not help. Encoding is utf8. But yeah it seems all kde packages on my computer have this issue. I tried konqueror and the same issue appear there (I don't have kate or kwrite). – clime Feb 13 '13 at 10:34
  • hmm it does not work if konsole is run inside gnome. If I run it under kde (i have installed the whole desktop), it works correctly. Anyway at the process of trying it out in kde I again realized how incredibly cool this desktop environment is... – clime Feb 13 '13 at 12:05

Seems to be some kind of a bug refering to: Keyboard layout does not work correctly in konsole
Set the keyboard-layout which you use mainly (that one which works fine in other applications) to the first position in kde keyboard-layout settings, or delete all other keyboard leyouts if you don't need them anyway.

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