I am using systemd-networkd. I was able to fix this issue by adding this in systemd-networkd.service:

ExecStartPost=bash -c 'ip link set dev eth0 down;ip link set dev eth0 up'

I would rather this were somehow added to my file /etc/systemd/network/20-wired.network file which configures eth0, but I do not know how.

Is there a better way of accomplishing this? Note that if all I do is bring the link up, my Ethernet interface still fails.

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    This could actually be a bug in the driver for your network interface, or a compatibility issue between the network interface and the switch it's connected to. The latter chance might be noteworthy is one of the NIC/switch pair supports Energy-Efficient Ethernet standards and the other doesn't.
    – telcoM
    Apr 20 at 7:16
  • Out of curiosity, only one interface? No overlapping LANs defined anywhere?
    – A.B
    Apr 20 at 9:41

The Ethernet driver was misconfigured.

I read the driver documentation. The driver had the possibility of configuring a gpio phy-reset (the driver was in device tree). When I configured phy-reset-gpios in device tree the issue went away.

But I still wonder if there is anything comparable in systemd-networkd to the /etc/network/interfaces options "pre-up", "post-up", "pre-down", "post-down" which can run arbitrary commands?

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