I am trying to set up ssh authentication on Azure/AWS hosted Linux VMs with USB Feitain smart cards. I have ran into a problem because the virtual machines need to be able to read the smart cards on the USB port. Do anyone have any ideas to accomplish this?

  • Could you do this if Windows was on both ends? – roaima Apr 19 at 17:38
  • Its actually easier for windows to use smartcards with RDP – Weslee Galloway Apr 19 at 18:49
  • Could a local Linux client use one of these smartcards for its own authentication – roaima Apr 19 at 19:12

The VMs in public cloud does not have access to your laptop's USB port. You may use ssh authentication based on the certificate inside your smartcard.

Please have a look at Putty-CAC project.

Here there is a detailed setup tutorial

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