I was just gonna click open the musicbee .exe installation file, expecting wine to start and run, but after wine asked me to install something in the popup which I did not read, it never was able to install the program. Though previous installations like foobar still works. Any ideas as to why and how can I fix it?

OS: Arch linux, lts-kernel

DE: Gnome 40.0.0

Wine: Both stable 6.6 and staging 6.6

App: Musicbee can't be installed; foobar previously installed and running

Problem: how to get wine to get to the install window instead of quitting before even a single pop up

Note: There is no wine icon in the menu for some reason, but I don't think that is important. And there is no popup either when I run winecfg in terminal, all I get is a hanging cursor.

Thanks for dropping by!

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