On my Raspberry Pi I have OpenVPN installed and configured a VPN-Connection to my VPN-Proivder as a Service. This works flawlessly. Now, for some scripts I need to be connected to my Parents Local Area Network. The Router of theirs provides a VPN function but I only get IPSEC-login-data. On macOS and iOS I can connect to their VPN. I have created a VPN-Config-File like this (found this on a website while looking for a solution):

IPSec gateway <VPN-IP>
IPSec ID <vpn_user>
IPSec secret <Shared_Secret>
IKE Authmode psk
Xauth username <vpn_user>
Xauth password <passwort>
local port 0
DPD idle timeout (our side) 0

Now how do I set this VPN-Connection as a service (if it's not possible via OpenVPN that's fine but I need to have a service which I can start and stop via systemctl)

  • OpenVPN and IPSec are completely different types of VPN. There is absolutely no way they can talk to each other. Try Network Manager – roaima Apr 18 at 21:11
  • I will take a look at it. Is it possible to have multiple VPN-services running (OpenVPN AND Network Manager) when only one VPN is connected ? – AlphaInc. Apr 18 at 21:17
  • OpenVPN is a VPN service. Network Manager is not a VPN service - it controls network connectivity including the use of VPNs. – roaima Apr 18 at 21:36

OpenVPN is a different type of Virtual Private Network protocol. In order to connect to a VPN server using the IPSec protocol from a GNU/Linux system, you could utilize OpenConnect, which not only supports IPSec, but also integrates with NetworkManager.

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