I have Lenovo y480 with Ubuntu installed on it. I installed Ubuntu from a bootable usb. Also, My computer was able to boot into live Ubuntu on usb fine. Today my laptop stopped recognizing any kind of bootable usb. No matter what bootable usb I plug in, bios boot menu just shows optical disk, hard disk and network boot options. Another thing is Bios stoped saving any changes to settings/configurations. If I enable or disable some setting and then save it , when I restart those changes are gone. Also, if I boot into Ubuntu the usb gets mounted automatically and I can see the contents fine. How do I get my laptop to recognize bootable usb again?

  • Has anything else changed or displayed problems? BIOS updates? Memory errors? CPU overheating? Battery backed CMOS losses/not keeping current time? Which version of Ubuntu? Try to provide as much info as you can, even things you may think of that we did not think to ask. In most cases it is better to give too much info which we can skip over, than to give too little info that we cannot even make a guess. – C. M. Apr 21 at 16:35
  • This sounds very hardware related. People here may try to help, but I would also start asking questions in some Lenovo help forums or on the Lenovo support site. – number9 Apr 21 at 22:21

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