I am on a linux system and using vncviewer to connect to other linux servers.

On my home system, I use setxkbmap to remap caps to control, like any decent human being:

setxkbmap -option caps:ctrl_modifier

When I run vncviewer, I find that my caps key does nothing in my VNC windows, so I can't remap it.

If I run xev in the VNC remote system, then there are no keycaps or activity from pressing the capslock. It's just thrown away.

I have the 'GrabKeyboard' option set to 1, so it should be sending all my keyboard events to the remote server, but it's not happening.

How can I figure out either how to send the control mapping of my keyboard to the remote server, or at least send the caps lock event so I can remap it on the remote server?


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