I SSH to my Raspberry Pi's wifi via ssh raspberrypi.local, simply done by adding the following code in a file named wpa_supplicant.conf

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

 ssid="Welcome Home"

I am trying to learn to do the same thing with other Linux Embedded system (Google Coral Board, BeagleBone), but I did not know how to accomplish this. Can someone please advise me?



wpa_supplicant.conf is just for configuring the WiFi network connectivity: it has nothing to do with making the .local hostname available. That part is done by the avahi-daemon service, which is enabled by default on RasPis. It uses the multicast DNS, or mDNS protocol to announce its name and IP to other systems on the same network segment (only).

Normally, the default configuration of avahi-daemon should be enough to make the system findable in the network as <hostname>.local. Just make sure that the service is installed and started on your other embedded systems.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Mendel Linux for Google Coral Board might be more stripped-down and so less user-friendly than the Raspbian that is commonly used on RasPis.

BeagleBoards may have originally been delivered with the Ångstrom distribution but currently seem to have Debian-based images available for them - which are you using?

  • Your information is exactly what I am looking for. I use Google Coral Development Board running Mendel Linux. – Tony Nguyen Apr 16 at 16:05

Your RPi has its hostname set by default to raspberrypi. "Zero Config Networking"/avahi adds the .local suffix. If you look in /etc/hostname on your RPi you should see this - you may change the default to something else if you wish.

My point is this: Have you checked your other OS's to see if they have the file /etc/hostname? If so, edit the file & add the hostname. If not, try searching for something like "set hostname Google Coral Board / BeagleBone".

  • Yes. I use Google Development Board, and the Mendel Linux already has the daemon-avahi setup with hostname under /etc/hostname. I just have to change it to what I need. – Tony Nguyen Apr 16 at 16:12

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