I think the name could be in format


where the numbers are shown in the description chapter of man man.

I use doc directory for the file in a repository.

  • You have the built manpage instead of the source for it in your source tree? – muru Apr 10 at 7:59
  • @muru many man pages are maintained as troff files, why would that be surprising? – Stephen Kitt Apr 10 at 8:09
  • @StephenKitt I figured if someone's starting a new project now, they'd be using something more convenient. – muru Apr 10 at 8:14
  • Are you using GNU autotools (automake and autoconf)? – Kusalananda Apr 10 at 8:21
  • @muru I have the built manpage there, though I use help2man and some script that I have written to build it. – jarno Apr 10 at 9:33

Given that your man page is generated from other “source files”, I wouldn’t store it in the repository at all — in my experience, it’s best for a source repository to only store the files you’d actually want to modify directly, not generated files.

If you do want to store it (for example, to avoid requiring help2man when building), since you don’t have a directory structure it’s fine to store it alongside the rest of your source files. The <command_name>.<section_number> naming scheme you suggest is fine.

  • I have installation script for the utility because people may need it when they can not install anything by apt. They can not install help2man then. Currently I have the file in debian directory, but I may change that. – jarno Apr 16 at 15:26

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