I have a problem with mounting my lvm partition.

  1. First I created file with a size of 7 GB

    sudo truncate -s 7G fooFile
  2. Setting as a loop device. After this command I can see loop device via lsblk command (/dev/loop0)

    sudo losetup -Pf foofile
  3. I set disk partition table via cfdisk

    sudo cfdisk /dev/loop0
    # I choose dos as a disk label and create new partition with a size of 5 GB
    # I can see loop0p1 (5 GB) partition via lsblk command 
  4. I created a physical volume from this loop device

    sudo pvcreate /dev/loop0p1
  5. Then I created volume group via vgcreate

    sudo vgcreate fooVG /dev/loop0p1
  6. I created logical volume via lvcreate with a size of 3 GB

    sudo lvcreate -L 3G -n fooLV fooVG
  7. Activating volume group

    sudo vgchange -ay fooVG
  8. Creating directory

    sudo mkdir -vp /mnt/myMountPoint
  9. Last step :) mounting

    sudo mount /dev/fooVG/fooLV /mnt/myMountPoint
    # Two command have same error
    sudo mount /dev/mapper/fooVG-fooLV /mnt/myMountPoint
    mount: /mnt/myMountPoint/fooLV: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/fooVG-fooLV, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.

How can i solve this error?

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    You forgot to make a filesystem on the logical volume. Apr 9 at 15:59

You have created a logical volume (LV) but you haven't yet created a filesystem on it. Here's an example to create an ext4 filesystem with a label fooLV

mkfs -t ext4 -L fooLV /dev/fooVG/fooLV

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