I have a tablet laptop with intel Atom with CPU x64bit, and UEFI 32bit.
the system can't be able to boot from the UEFI system in arch Linux, because arch-linux does not include some files in /BOOT/EFI/*32.efi

UPDATE in 2022

  • I install void-linux
  • I create a new partition
  • I download/extract archlinux.tar.xz to this partition
  • chroot to arch-linux
  • mount `boot/EFI
  • installing grub 32bit and running it

for artix-linux it does not have artix.tar.zx so crate this tar file from artix.iso


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hey so i might be late but there is actually this


and there it basically says to switch out x86_64-efi with i386-efi to install a 32 bit EFI but this only works for 64 bit cpus locked to 32 bit UEFI.

If you are using archfi to install arch, you can do this after you finish the whole installation, just quit without rebooting, mount the partitions and install the grub.

if the grub isnt installing and you might be getting an airootfs error then do this

arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash

and repeat from mounting and it should work

this is much simpler and it worked for me on the first try

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