I recently migrated from Arch to Artix Linux and the GUI dialog for pass disappeared. I need to get it back.

In Arch, passmenu launches a GUI dialog to insert the password for the gpg keys, but in Artix pass or passmenu only opens terminal dialogs. That means I can't launch a password prompt dialog from scripts or from keybindings. T

This is very inconvenient because if I want to login into a website I have to open a terminal just for that (in Arch, it would open a floating dialog in the middle of the screen to type the password, which is very convenient).

I bet there is a package for opening such GUI dialogs, but I don't know which package. Does anyone know the package?

Note: the packages from Arch's repository are avaialble on Artix too.

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The missing package is gtk2 or gtk3

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