I have a Ubuntu and windows dual boot, and it was working well for a year. Today, while using Ubuntu, I kept a live usb drive with windows recovery (I was not aware of this). I couldn’t access the files In the usb on Ubuntu, So I opened a terminal and decided to switch to windows and used the command (with the usb attached to pc)

sudo reboot now

And all of a sudden I am getting this enter image description here

I am able to access windows by using the command “exit” and then choosing windows but getting the above screen when I choose Ubuntu .

There were similar questions on this but all of them occurred during the process of dual booting. I have few important files in my Ubuntu which I would like to restore. The live usb which had windows recovery was formatted. Would be grateful for any help.

  • You should be able to backup your files by booting off a live USB/optical disc, locating the partition your Ubuntu installation is on and mounting it. To advice on how to recover your Ubuntu installation, it'd be likely useful to know whether you're booting via BIOS or EFI, how many drives your system has and what their partition layout is. – fra-san Apr 2 at 9:15

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