how can I get lock time values specifically of the threads of any process? in linux.. I was using the command /proc/pid/stat but I am unable to determine which values are of lock time.


/proc/[pid]/stat and /proc/[pid[/statm are about processes. So locks at thread level can't be seen there. Detailed description can be find here:

Some time ago I was looking at this tool. Hope you find it useful. :)

  • thank you.. but I am unable to open the tool link. Apr 3 at 9:52
  • @I192100MayraAhmad should work now... sorry for messing. I'll remove this comment later this week :) Apr 6 at 15:19
  • splat tool isn't working for me as my operating system is ubuntu 20.04. I think this is not compatible with ubuntu distributions. Apr 16 at 6:30

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