I'm trying to generate a file to keep the log of average CPU usage.

sudo mpstat 1 5 | grep Average | sed -E 's|Average:|$(date)|g' > cpu_usage_test.txt

I'm trying to replace the text "Average:" with the current date and time. Tried different ways but in output, it is displaying $(date) as a string. To test it easily, use the following command to display it on the terminal itself.

sudo mpstat 1 1 | grep Average | sed -E 's|Average:|$(date)|g'

The shell does not substitute anything in a string enclosed in single quotes. Use double quotes instead.

You don't need the -E option, and you can do without grep and without sudo:

mpstat 1 1 | sed -n "s|Average:|$(date)|gp"

-E is not needed because you don't use extended regular expressions here. -n prevents sed from printing by default, and the p at the end prints the line only when "Average:" is in fact replaced.

The GNU sed manual is not bad for learning, by the way.


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