I use Arch Linux and installed the package erlang-nox. Erlang's manual pages are stored under /usr/lib/erlang/man, which is not in the default lookup path. So I extended /etc/man_db.conf and added this line:

MANDATORY_MANPATH           /usr/lib/erlang/man

Then I re-generated the man db as follows:

$ sudo systemctl restart man-db.service

When I search for a specific file within the erlang manpage directory, I can find it:

$ sudo find /usr/lib/erlang/man/ -type f | grep diameter_make

Looking up a man page works:

$ man diameter_make  # displays the manual page

However, neither apropos nor whatis return any result:

$ apropos diameter_make
diameter_make: nothing appropriate.
$ whatis diameter_make
diameter_make: nothing appropriate.

This is quite inconvenient. How do I make sure that apropos and whatis can show me hints about the Erlang man pages?


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