sqlmap -u --dbs

I know that if we sent any request to any server that server takes ip address of user(mine). So, while I am running the above source code server is getting my ip address. So, they can easily find me. ~ I am not sure of the information also.

In Kali-Linux, there's something called proxychains.conf. I was trying to use that

proxychains4 sqlmap -u --dbs

But, proxychains not working enter image description here I am saying that by [proxychains] Dynamic chain ... ... <--denied. I am getting data by above code also but, not using different ip addresses ~I think I am not sure of it also. So, I want to change my ip address every moment when I works with sqlmap or any other vulnerability.

I am totally Newbie.


Same answer as this

openvpn is better than proxychains.

sudo apt-get install openvpn

openvpn server.

sudo openvpn --config vpnbook-us1-tcp443.ovpn

username : vpnbook

password : 4dK5esN

Password always changes so keep connect with the website https://vpnbook.com

Then click on return. vpn will be start shortly. Then, you can access anything from another ip addresses

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