For some reason my version of Linux Mint MATE is configured to switch between applications on any workspace when I use ALT+TAB.

Simple question: is there any way to limit it to only switch between applications on my current workspace?

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I found another answer on Ask Ubuntu which addressed this by having you switch four system settings (swapping the values of two for the other two). However, it didn't work for me ... but it did lead me to finding a similar approach that did work.

First, I installed and ran dconf-editor (sudo apt-get install dconf-editor, followed by dconf-editor). This was just to get a GUI app for system editing, but you could also just use the (already installed) command-line gsettings instead if you want.

Then I changed two settings (swapping one for the other):


I also could have swapped switch-windows-all for switch-windows instead of cycle-windows, but switch-windows does that preview thing, making it a lot slower on my computer (if you like the preview, use switch-windows instead).

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