Could someone explain to me what this part: ~/[bcdfg]/) of the following code:

awk ' {for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) {if ($i ~/[bcdfg]/) count++;

means? I know that it counts how often b,c,d,f appear but I don't understand how it's working. What does "~" exactly do and also I don't understand how this part [bcdfg]/) works.

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    Use the GNU awk user guide. The tilde is a regular expression match, and the text between slashes is a regular expression. By the way, this code counts the number of fields*g that contain one of these letters; it does not count the number of **letters. – berndbausch Mar 25 at 0:03

~ is the "regular expression matching" operator. It takes the string on the left-hand side and compares it to the regular expression pattern on the right hand side. See Regexp Usage

/.../ specifies a regular expression literal -- see Regular Expressions

[bcdfg] is a regular expression bracket expression: it matches against a single character, one of b, c, d, f, g -- see Using Bracket Expressions

This pattern is not anchored, so it is testing if $i contains one of the specified letters.

  • @berndbausch I didn't see you comment (somehow) before I wrote my answer. Sorry for stealing your thunder. – glenn jackman Mar 25 at 17:11

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