I've looked around multiple guides for Manjaro KDE to add a Korean keyboard, but none of them work. I can "swap" to Korean, but my input is still English. I've added Korean to my locale, installed the fonts, tried the guides for other languages, but nothing works. How can I install the Korean keyboard?


Since input is always changing, I wrote Linuxreviews.org guides for Korean input. If it ever changes, or if you're not using KDE, it will also be able to help you out.

  1. Update your computer:

sudo pacman -Syyu

  1. Install fcitx and the Korean fonts:

sudo pacman -S adobe-source-han-sans-kr-fonts fcitx-hangul kcm-fcitx

  1. Add Korean to your system locale:

sudo bash -c "echo ko_KR.UTF-8 UTF-8 >> /etc/locale.gen"

  1. Restart your computer

  2. Right click fcitx in your system tray (bottom right), select Configure

  3. Deselect "Only show current language" (bottom left of fcitx configure window)

  4. Search for hangul in the languages, select it, and click the > icon to send it to "Current Input Method"

  5. Hit OK

To type in Korean, hit CTRL + Space

Here's a video as well.

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