this is my first time with NIS+ Naming Service.

I want to configure my host to be a master root server using this script

/usr/lib/nis/nisserver -r -d doc.com.

And I got this error:

> ********        ********    WARNING    ********        ******** NIS+ might not be supported in a future release. Tools to aid the migration
> from NIS+ to LDAP are available in the Solaris 9 operating
> environment. For more information, visit
> http://www.sun.com/directory/nisplus/transition.html
> ********        ********    *******    ********        ********
> This script sets up this machine "master" as an NIS+ root master
> server for domain doc.com..
> Domain name             : doc.com. NIS+ group              :
> admin.doc.com. NIS (YP) compatibility  : OFF Security level          :
> 2=DES
> Is this information correct? (type 'y' to accept, 'n' to change) y
> This script will set up your machine as a root master server for
> domain doc.com. without NIS compatibility at security level 2.
> WARNING: this script removes directories and files related to NIS+
> under /var/nis directory with the exception of the client_info
> NIS_COLD_START file which will be renamed to <file>.no_nisplus.  If
> you want to save these files, you should abort from this script now to
> save these files first.
> WARNING: once this script is executed, you will not be able to restore
> the existing NIS+ server environment.  However, you can restore your
> NIS+ client environment using "nisclient -r" with the proper domain
> name and server information.
> Do you want to continue? (type 'y' to continue, 'n' to exit this
> script) y
> setting up domain information "doc.com." ...
> setting up switch information ... switch configuration file already
> set to use NIS+.
> killing NIS and NIS+ processes ... stopping nscd ...
> setup NIS_GROUP environment variable ...
> rm /var/nis files ...
> running nisinit ... This machine is in the "doc.com." NIS+ domain.
> Setting up root server ... All done.
> starting root server at security level 0 to create credentials...
> running nissetup to create standard directories and tables ...
> doc.com.: NIS+ servers unreachable. couldn't create org_dir.doc.com.
> **ERROR: it failed to create the tables.

I looked for this error, and didn't find any solution.

  • Why NIS+? Is this homework? – Karlson Feb 6 '13 at 21:42
  • No, it's a self study for Naming Service Solaris 10 administrator – MUE Feb 7 '13 at 6:34
  • Unless you are going to work on a site still using nis+, studying it is essentially a waste of time. It is no more provided with the latest Solaris release. I would recommend exploring ldap as a naming service instead. – jlliagre Feb 14 '13 at 8:55

Check this from the oracle site: Common NIS+ Namespace Error Messages

It contains the known errors and you gives you hints where to look for for the error.

For this particular one:

Description: The NIS+ command nissetup failed to create the directories and tables. Check your system console for system error messages:

If there is a system error message, fix the problem described in the error message and rerun nisserver.

If there aren't any system error messages, check to see whether the rpc.nisd process is running. If it is not running, restart it and rerun nisserver.


So basically, check /var/adm/messages for errors and check if the rpc daemon is running:

ps -ef|grep rpc.nisd

If the ourput is empty then start the process.

Execute the command again and in another session or terminal do the following:

tail -f /var/adm/messages

Hopefully you will be able to see the error that is generated and take the proper action to fix the issue.

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