I am currently trying to build a LIDAR robot with RPLIDAR A1 and Jetson Nano following the guide below.


I have reached step 8 where I'm trying to initialize the USB port to connect the robot with the LIDAR. However, upon running

ls -l /dev | grep ttyUSB

I did not get any output, which I assume is not normal as ls should show the files in that directory from my understanding.

After that, I ran


As it have stated in the guide. It should have outputs, however, an error occurred as follows.

bash: crw-rw----: command not found

Does anyone know how to fix this as I am new to the linux development environment? Thanks for all the help!

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crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 188,  0 Oct 30 18:10 ttyUSB0

is meant to be the output of the previous

ls -l /dev | grep ttyUSB

command (which will give a report of the metadata including permissions for all the files in /dev whose name or symlink target contains ttyUSB), not a command you're meant to run. You just need to verify that you get a similar output and note the exact name of the ttyUSB device file that corresponds to your USB device.

Then it tells you to run the chmod 666 command on that file after which the first field in the ls -l output should look like crw-rw-rw-.

Now, making a system file world writeable (here device file) is not a wise thing to do. That's a shortcut that has security implications and will likely be lost the next time you reboot or unplug the USB device. I don't know the details of that system they're documenting, but I'd expect a better solution would be to add the user that's meant to interact with that device into the dialout group.

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