I am running a Brother MFC L2710DW Series Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copy-Unit on Linux 'Debian - bulsseye'. The printer is connected via LAN-cable to the network and all WiFi settings of the printer are disabled.

Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
Kernel: Linux 5.10.0-4-686-pae
Architecture: x86

apt search brother # shows me this two automatically installed packages

printer-driver-brlaser/testing,now 6-1 i386 [installed,automatic]
  printer driver for (some) Brother laser printers

printer-driver-ptouch/testing,now 1.5.1-2 i386 [installed,automatic]
  printer driver Brother P-touch label printers

I have not installed any special packages manually and my system recognized the network-printer(s) automatically. The weird thing is that the printer appears two times. The first one in German language, the second one in English:

Brother MFC L2710DW Series on Linux 'Debian - bulsseye' appears two times in the network

Since I had some problems with printing multiple pages on only one site of the paper, I used the second one in English. For some reasons it took minutes until the pages came off the printer and the hard-drive of my laptop run like crazy and I thought my system was going to crash. It did not and after minutes the printer-driver displayed this message:

gziptoany (PID 6985) exited with no errors.

gziptoany (PID 6985) exited with no errors

This also took minutes after minutes and the printer could not receive any new tasks. Though there was no problem with only printing one-side of the paper.

Does anyone know, what gziptoany (PID 6985) is about?

I don't want to be paranoid, but the first thing that came into my mind was:

Does the printer gzip my data and send it to any(one)?

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