I have to download a FreeBSD package from linux but I have some problem. I have tried to search the package from here but it gaves me (on Latest/all) a 403 forbidden error. Anyone know why and overall how to overcome that ?

  • What specific package and version are you looking for? I get the same result as you from Windows - it appears that the Latest/all directory does not allow its contents to be listed, you probably have to know exactly what you're looking for. – patbarron Mar 10 at 1:25
  • @patbarron it should be comms/lrzsz or comms/kermit They should be useful to transfer files over serial. I have installed fbsd over raspberry that is connected through serial connection and I have to transfer some package to connect it to internet. – Lews Mar 10 at 1:32

You can get the comms/kermit package here, and you can get the comms/lrzsz package here.

In general, you can find these packages by downloading the packagesite.txz file from the latest directory, uncompressing it, and untarring it - the packagesite.yaml file within the tar archive contains the locations of all the available packages.

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