I would like to authenticate to neomutt using keepassxc. I could not find a way to send password to neomutt's stdin. How can i do that ?

I imagine something like this:

keepassxc-cli exportpass mydatabase.kdbx  mymail@gmail.com

end output would be the password it self. How can I achieve this ?

EDIT: I have found out out keepassxc-cli show Database.kdbx accounts.google.com. But it does not show password. Instead it returns PROTECTED.

Thank you for help

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An easier solution than Jan's (the accepted answer) is to use the -a (attribute) option as follows:

keepassxc-cli show -sa password database entry

-s will display the password instead of "PROTECTED" , and -a password will output only the password. This way, you will not have to pipe it through additional programs.

  • Yes, this is much better solution. May 8, 2021 at 11:58

The solution is:

keepassxc-cli show -s Database.kdbx entryName | sed -n 3p | cut -c11-

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