I have a question that I fear is already answered but the answer has thusfar successfully eluded me.

I installed Debian Wheezy via netinstall CD, changed sources to reflect Sid instead of Wheezy, did upgrade, reboot, dist-upgrade (should've done dist-upgrade from the start, I know), and rebooted again. When I cat /etc/debian_release, it still shows 7.0. Will that change or is it supposed to change?


This is normal. Things placed in sid are targets for release via testing. You can think of it as a "staging" are for testing, which is currently Wheezy (7.0). The /etc/debian_release file will not change in sid until the base-files packages is updated in preparation for Jessie (8.0).

Since Debian is in a "freeze" to prepare the release, there won't be much difference between sid and Wheezy. Only bug fixes will be uploaded to sid until Wheezy has released.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Recently started using Debian after using Arch and CentOS (desktop and servers, respectively) and didn't know if that would change. Thanks again. – Mountainerd Feb 5 '13 at 18:12

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