I need to backup some important data from local folder and transfer it to remote machine - worker01

so I think to tar the local folder and send the tar to remote machine as the following

tar zcvf - /hadoop/hdfs/journal/hdfsha/current | ssh root@worker01 "cat > /home/master01.journal.tar.gz"

but other approach can be also with rsync as

mkdir -p /home/bck_master01.journal ( on remote machine ) 
rsync -a /hadoop/hdfs/journal/hdfsha/current  root@worker01:/home/bck_master01.journal

so because we are dealing with very sensitive data , I am wondering what is the preferred approach?

  • Check out duplicity and its gui deja-dup.
    – meuh
    Mar 8 at 10:10
  • If you don't trust ssh, then who can you trust?
    – Pourko
    Mar 9 at 7:49

Real backup sw with encryption, see borg, restic or "enterprise" bareos/bacula, all allow encryption, not only of transfer but of the data itself.

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