I have two MacOS machines both running zsh and tmux for a local developer environment. The machine I'm stumped on (referred to as machine 2) is reflected in the screen shot. What is not happening is for window 1. I expect it to show zsh* (1 panes) "michael@Michaels-MBP:~/Documents". On machine 1, it does show this.

I am running zsh and oh-my-zsh. tmux and osx plugin enabled. I am running tmux and oh-my-tmux.

I cannot figure out where or what to set to get tmux to behave like it does on machine 1. When I am just in the terminal emulator with zsh, the terminal tab title is michael@Michaels-MBP:~/Documents

enter image description here

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Simply rebind the default choose-tree binding to list the windows according to the format you're looking for:

bind-key w choose-tree -ZF "#{window_name}* (#{window_panes} panes) #{host}:#{pane_path}"

For more information on tmux's FORMAT options, you can reference the man page.

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