I have a Bluetooth USB adapter that I plug into my desktop PC to help me connect to Bluetooth stuff. It works perfectly under Windows 10. Except that I really can't get it to work with Artix OpenRC dual-boot, despite having installed all of the relevant packages and having watched and read many tutorials. (My headphones are Sony's LE_WH-1000XM3)

The closest I could get to something working was following this Gentoo OpenRC tutorial, but, at the very end, when trying connect device_mac_address all I get is a vague error message — yes, I have done rfkill unblock bluetooth —:

Attempting to connect to XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

And, if I try to pair it again, I get Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists. Quite frankly, I find bluetoothctl's error messages quite terse and cryptic.

I have many packages installed, including:


So far, I have been using my headphones through cable, but even then I can't say the behavior has been very consistent. Sometimes I have to open pavucontrol and hack around to see if a specific configuration manages to enable to headphones.

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Weirdly, if I open Blueberry and Pavucontrol at the same time, everything works. And the sound quality is even better than I thought.

I've been going through this setup for some days already and it hasn't failed me yet.

Additionally, if I close any of the programs I mentioned, after about 30s, the Bluetooth connection is terminated, i.e., I have to keep both open. I guess most desktop environments kind of do this, by keeping them in the background.

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