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It is how my windows look like in fedora. I want dark theme for better performance of my eyes. You know dark theme is better for eyes. So, I was searching in google "How to change theme of fedora?","dark theme of fedora". Tweaking the look of Fedora Workstation with themes, Changing the Theme in GNOME. But, as far as I know if I change gnome-theme than, layout of fedora will be change. Like Top bar will display somewhere else or, it will be gone(I am not sure of fedora cause, I am new to fedora. I am saying that by Kali Linux which I had done on Kali Linux). So, is there any better way to change it to dark without doing anything with gnome....?

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Install GNOME Tweak Tools (package gnome-tweaks) which allows some advanced GNOME configuration including changing themes. Adwaita-dark theme is available in the standard installation and it's just the default theme but dark.

GNOME with Adwaita Dark theme

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