I am working on Debian Stable Linux with XFCE4 which is running very well. When I start the computer it straight away starts XFCE4 GUI desktop.

Now I want to install Budgie desktop and would like to choose which desktop to go to. However, I do not know what display/window is installed. How can I find this out change so that instead of going automatically to XFCE4, I get to choose which desktop to go to? Thanks for your help.

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One easy way to find the window manager you're using is by running either neofetch or screenfetch. If not installed, at least one of them should be available in your repo. In the exemplary screenshot below, both show that my window manager is Xfwm4.

Screenshot of neofetch and screenfetch outputs with the WM listing highlighted

  • Both Neofetch and Screenfetch are available in Debian repositories. I installed Neofetch and it showed my WM also to be Xfwm4 (must be XFCE4 default).
    – rnso
    Mar 3, 2021 at 17:08

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