I have encrypted my external harddrives using cryptsetup and a key file. My goal is now to automatically decrypt and mount them upon plugin. I used to do so using this blog post (unfortunately in German). This used to work on my old Ubuntu 16.04 machine, but since I upgraded to Focal this does not work anymore. What I have done specifically is:

  1. Added /dev/mapper/extdrive /mnt/extdrive xfs defaults,noauto 0 2 to /etc/fstab.
  2. Added ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="partition", ATTRS{serial}=="123456789", RUN+="/sbin/cryptsetup --key-file /root/.kf luksOpen $env{DEVNAME} extdrive" to /etc/udev/rules.d/85-extdrive.rules
  3. Added ACTION=="add|change", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{DM_NAME}=="extdrive", RUN+="/bin/mount /dev/mapper/$env{DM_NAME}" to /etc/udev/rules.d/85-extdrive.rules

It seems like the drive is opened via luksOpen but is not mounted, i.e., the "add|change" rule does not fire. How can I figure out why the automount fails? If I execute the respective commands manually, all seems fine. Bonus: Why did this approach used to work in 16.04 but does not anymore in 20.04?

Thank you!


mount won't work in UDev rules because UDev runs with its own mount namespace. You need to use systemd-mount instead, see this arch wiki article for details.

From udev manpage:

Note that running programs that access the network or mount/unmount filesystems is not allowed inside of udev rules, due to the default sandbox that is enforced on systemd-udevd.service.

This is relatively new change (about 3 years ago I think) so I guess this was not yet present in 16.04 .

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