I am trying to install Slackware Linux and FreeBSD on a single disk. I have installed both the systems. I have also installed grub in MBR through Linux but it has found only Slackware Linux and not FreeBSD. Following is the disk structure as seen by cfdisk in Slackware Linux:

enter image description here

From FreeBSD install disk, the structure is seen as follows:

enter image description here

I have found following links but they use either gpt or efi, while I have MBR on my disk (I am not sure of difference between these):

How do you dual boot Debian and FreeBSD using GRUB2?

Unable to dual boot FreeBSD alongside Arch Linux with Grub2

How to dual boot FreeBSD and Linux on the same Hard disk?

I have tried to add FreeBSD in grub menu through following code:

enter image description here

However, above gives following error, when grub-mkconfig is run:

enter image description here

Where is the error and how can it be solved? Thanks for your help.

A solution using Lilo will also be appreciated (I am not particular about using Grub, although Grub is generally preferred).


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