I've never used maintained files created with patch and diff. But what is the work flow when the patch drifts? As in this case. I can see the the failures when I do -m in the same format git would provide for resolution. But how can I, after I fix the problems, regenerate the patch with all the same information (notes and comments).

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    What exactly do you mean with "notes and comments". I looked at a patch created by git. There are additional information about a patch with hashes, commit message, git version, etc. Even if you manage to add some additional info to patch file, I do not think you can get a git hash. I would suggest just to use diff against previous version before patching and fixing the problems. You can apply that patch and then commit the changes with git. I guess you already knew that.
    – nobody
    Feb 25 at 7:35

You can use diff --unified file.orig file after a patch --merge to create a new patch file based on the changed file without git. It won't have the same information, though.

  • Yep, I just found it. That was exactly what I need --unified on the diff. Feb 25 at 7:53

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