My current command prompt displays the entire path from my home directory to my cwd. For instance a possible command prompt would be ~/Desktop/images/japan λ. How do I make it such that it always shows only the most precise location in my cwd. For example the previous command prompt would instead be japan λ or ~/japan λ.

My current zshrc file which implements my command prompt contains:

PS1='%F{cyan}%~ %B%F{yellow}λ%f%b '
PS2='%B%F{yellow}⤷%f%b '

Looking at http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Doc/Release/Prompt-Expansion.html it shows that you can do this by giving the %~ prompt expansion in PS1 an integer right after the percentage sign.

PS1='%F{cyan}%1~ %B%F{yellow}λ%f%b '

The 1 after the percent will get you what you want.

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